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Pokémon Iberia is a remake of the classic game Pokemon where its texts and graphics have been completely revamped, this time, geared towards Spain. In Pokemon Iberia, a whole new adventure takes place where you'll start out in Albacete instead of Pueblo Paleta, and rather than checking in to talk to Professor Oak, you'll need to bang heads with renown Spanish naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

As is to be expected, Pokémon Iberia is clearly a tongue-in-cheek spin-off and any player that's somewhat familiar with Spanish folklore and culture will find nonstop jokes, easter eggs, and cultural references. In this sense, it's almost inevitable to come up with certain parallelisms like the huge hit that was "La Lellenda de la Cerda" towards the end of the 90s, a game that left a huge mark in an entire generation of young spaniards.

Looking further into the game's narrative and characters, Pokémon Iberia is practically identical to almost any other title within the saga. Essentially, your objective here consists in exploring the world (ie. Spain) while capturing Pokémon and defeating enemy rivals. The game's difficulty is slightly higher than in the original titles.

Pokémon Iberia is a special game. If you don't like Pokémon, you're really not going to like it, though. Also, if you're not Spanish or somewhat familiar with Spain, you probably won't get it either. But, for anyone interested in both Spain and Pokémon, it's sure to be a hugely fun success.

This 'repack' includes version 0.22c of the game along with the sprites pack with Pokémon classics and the realistic screams pack. In order to play all you need to do is decompress and double click on 'game'.

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